Bloomberg Super Bowl ad used 2014 children in cages pics


Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ads were fabrications and his immigration ad, for want of a better title, is a joke.

Twitchy found that the 2014 story of children in cages was pawned off as President Trump’s problem in the video.

Watch the clip:

This is Twitchy’s screenshot of Bloomberg’s ad that Bloomberg himself tweeted:

Here’s a side by side of the AP photo from 2014 with Bloomberg’s photo on the right:

And another with the shot from the 2014 story on top and Bloomberg’s ad below:

And another comparison:

A 2014 AP photo matches Bloomberg’s ad above:


This isn’t the only lie. The entire video tale is a lie. He has pictures of Unite the Right, Nazis, and white supremacists. The President has nothing to do with them and has denounced them over and over.

Then we see a border wall as if it’s a bad thing with handcuffed people trying to come into the country illegally. Bloomberg has promised mass migration.

The map of Puerto Rico and the hurricanes in Bloomberg’s clip is to give the impression he didn’t help the people, but of course, he did more than any President has in the past.

You see crying women and memorials to give people the impression he’s killing people — probably a reference to guns.

He shows innocent Justice Kavanaugh and lying Blasey Ford, sending the false message that she was the victim.  The woman lied through her teeth – numerous inconsistencies.

A sign about ‘trans rights’ is identity politics pandering.

And, you have to love the President’s handshake with Russian President Putin as if they are buddies.

This is nothing but dishonest pandering and propaganda. Nothing about the ad is true.

Bloomberg’s ad was sent around the Twitterverse, by journalists and others, and it’s a complete lie.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Following in footsteps of the Chinese Communists whom he adores.

4 years ago

It doesn’t matter if it’s all a blatant lie, the moronic Leftists/Dems want to believe it and therefore will.