Blowhard Biden Brags to the World About Our Open, Lawless Southern Border 


Blowhard Biden Brags to the World About

Our Open, Lawless Southern Border 

Like clowns with poop shovels, trailing a large, parading, circus animal, White House spinners were needed to clean up three dangerously provocative remarks made in Europe by Joe Biden.  There was his seemingly encouraging regime change in Russia, hinting NATO would respond to a Putin chemical weapons attack with one of their own, and that the 82nd Airborne could be heading into Ukraine.

With those “Biden Bloopers” getting furiously “walked back” or “clarified” by administration officials there was little coverage of Hunter’s Father bragging to Poland’s president and by extension the world, that the United States has “thousands of people a day” crossing the U.S. southern border.  

To put an even finer point on it, Ol’ Joe boasted, “….we have in our southern border thousands of people a day literally, not figuratively, trying to get to the United States.”

That Biden would say this, even as our heroes on that boundary are bracing for a massive migrant surge in the months ahead, and already seeing signs of increased numbers now, is completely indefensible.  

Behold:  There were 164,973 encounters in February 2022, compared to 101,099 encounters in February 2021, a month that preceded a massive surge in numbers in the spring and summer months. The Washington Post reported this week that preliminary Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data indicates that authorities are on track to have encountered more than 200,000 in March, compared to 173,277 in March 2021.

You’ll notice there were NO White House spinmeisters bothering to even soften Biden’s message to the world about our open, lawless Southern border.  If you’re wondering why -the answer seems perfectly clear.  

Joe Biden and his Democrat puppet masters don’t give a damn about THAT invasion, or how their outraged, and increasingly threatened “fellow Americans” feel about it.  

November can’t come soon enough.

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Wild Thing
Wild Thing
1 year ago

Showns with cloop povels! Oh my.
What a clown car circus is the final destruction of the republic by the CPUSA Long March RAT traitor POS slime.
I can’t wait to march on their faces!
Ask the Germans what happens when Great Patriotic WAR status comes out in Mother Russia with children digging trenches, dogs with mines and IED’s, women sniper and fighter pilot brigades.
So big dumb Ivan was “losing” in Ukraine and Brandon says regime change on an open mic and then the handlers have to walk it back?
Brilliant and borders are construct of the white male patriarchy unless they surround Ukraine.
Also there is the update that Nazis are ok now with the Bandera Azov and others.

1 year ago

Where are the State Governors and The National Guard?