Blue check thinks Trump put his pants on backward – trended for hours


Brandon Friedman, a blue check ‘occasional columnist’ for the trashy New York Daily News, which was bought for a dollar, shared the following video. He claimed Donald Trump had his pants on backwards last night based on a blurred video.

The clip was obviously tampered with and no one puts their pants on backwards. But still, the columnist thought it was real.

It trended for hours today, with other fools falling for it. The best part is they all looked stupid. It does explain a lot of the bad reporting in the media.

Apparently, he actually fell for it.

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Zimbabwe Is Now
Zimbabwe Is Now
2 years ago

NY Daily News? I never heard of it until now.
That is so cute how the enlightened comrades only have projection.
DJT doesn’t need nurse fishnets to change anything for him and he can put his on pants on.
Did Lil’ Kim answer any calls from the most popular regime ever? (rhetorical)
Norks are China’s junk yard dog and the fireworks shows give Kimmie something to do but would he do anything with a real live warhead if China wanted it?

2 years ago

An idiot like Brandon Friedman would probably think that not understanding the amount of Body Armor President Trump is probably wearing because there are crazy Liberals out there.