NY Daily News Shows Off Our NY Values


As a New Yorker, I find the New York values exhibited by the premiere New York City liberal paper, The New York Daily News, repulsive. The newspaper can’t even be sold because it’s literally worth less than nothing thanks to debt.

Shocker! A liberal anything that ran up debt beyond its worth.

Classy! Nothing like proving he’s right, our values are disgusting.

For all who were upset over Cruz’s comments, it had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. The comments were a clever political device used by Cruz opponent Donald Trump and capitalized on by his enemies.

This is what Cruz meant.

He was referring to Governor Cuomo who wants unlimited abortion until the moment of birth, and his brother who thinks communism lifts us up, or communist Mayor Bill de Blasio who steals other peoples’ money and redistributes it.

Their values are disgusting and they run the state.