Asheville police can no longer respond to a slew of crimes due to staffing


The defunded Asheville Police Department (APD) announced Wednesday the department has lost 84 officers since Jan. 1, 2020, and is currently experiencing a “staffing crisis.” In order to “improve response times,” the APD announced they will no longer respond to a slew of crimes, including theft.

Among the crimes that will not receive a response is “theft under $1,000 where there is no suspect information.” Police said the exception is if the theft involves a vehicle or a stolen gun. APD will not respond to “minimal” property damage or graffiti where there is no suspect information.

Other calls such as “non-life-threatening harassing phone calls” (unrelated to stalking or domestic violence), “simple assaults that are reported after they have occurred,” reports that don’t require immediate attention, and trespassing calls where the property owner does not want to press charges will not receive a response.

Victims of smaller crimes can report online [where no one will respond].

Asheville is the victim of the hard left currently destroying our system of policing. As for Asheville, it’s a lost city.

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