BlueAnon Jake Tapper might ban Republicans he disagrees with


CNN propagandist Jake Tapper might ban some Republicans from his show. He doesn’t want certain Republicans on The Lead, especially if they think the election was stolen.

“How am I supposed to believe anything they say?” Tapper asked “New Day” hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar. “If they’re willing to lie about Joe Biden wanting to steal your hamburgers and QAnon and the Big Lie about the election, what are they not willing to lie about? Why should I put any of them on TV?”

Of course, he links everything on the Right to QAnon since he’s a BlueAnon, spouting left-wing conspiracies, like the Russia-Trump hoax.

“I happen to think the reason that the House Republican leader is so frustrated with Liz Cheney is not because of all the excuses he gives, but because her continued presence is a reminder of the fact that he [McCarthy] is exemplifying cowardice and lies …”

“The lie about the election on its own is anti-democracy and it is sowing seeds of ignorance in the populace and, obviously, it has the potential to incite violence,” Tapper later added.

He’s not happy that McCarthy is suggesting Cheney needs to leave her leadership position since she won’t stick to the agenda. Liz Cheney’s good for a daily soundbite on Tapper’s show.

On Monday, Cheney told the Post that senators who led efforts to challenge the results of the election should be disqualified from seeking the GOP nomination in 2024 — a move that would rule out potential contenders Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, though the latter has said he will not run.

That would be so nice for Tapper, who serves as a verbal hitman for the Democrat Party.

This is more evidence that Cheney must go. As for CNN, their ratings are abysmal, and not enough people watch them to care who he bans.

All of Cable News is down with Donald Trump gone, but CNN is in blog territory with its unpopularity.

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2 years ago

Jake CRAPPER sucks dirty donkey cahks for SATAN (aka George Soros)….

the only good democRAT is a DEAD DEMOCrat

Marsha Frey
Marsha Frey
2 years ago

Jake Tapper is probably announcing his ban on those Republicans who refuse to come on his show or CNN – to save face. It doesn’t impress me when a Republican does appear and is then quoted, giving CNN acknowledgement.

Zil Trabant
Zil Trabant
2 years ago

Who? Doc Savage calls him the Woodpecker (LOL!) other than that I couldn’t tell ya a Jake Tapper from a Ricky Bobby.