People protecting you are leaving in record numbers, and you’re less safe


The Department of Justice is putting its civil rights division into local police affairs. A Marxist anti-American organization funded heavily by George Soros is able to affect dispositions in police shootings. In fact, they come out immediately in police shooting of black people, without facts, and with false narratives, to control the end result.

The same organization, Black Lives Matter, and their allies Antifa and the Democrat Party are also demanding the defunding of all local police, which ultimately means destroying the departments to varying degrees.

Demands to abandon qualified immunity for the police have been implemented in some cities, leaving the police open to expensive lawsuits by any lunatic or criminal who doesn’t like what he/she did.

As a result, demoralized cops leave departments in record numbers, and crime rises.


In New York City where officers start out with a salary of only $45,000 for one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, 5,300 officers quit or retired last year, 200 or more cops have left the Seattle force, and in the nation’s capital, the union reports that the 3,700-strong Metropolitan Police Department is down 300 badges since the D.C. Council enacted sweeping police reforms last summer.

“Officers are leaving at an alarming rate, and crime is spiking in a lot of different areas,” police union chairman Gregg Pemberton told The Washington Times on Tuesday.

In Baltimore, the department has lost nearly 300 officers since last year, leaving detectives “overwhelmed with their caseload because they, too, are short-staffed,” said the leader of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

“This has a direct effect on the crime fight because there is barely enough time to answer the 911 calls, let alone look for violent offenders,” Mike Mancuso said.

In addition, city councils in far-left cities are not replacing officers who leave by attrition. It’s another way to defund. They plan to replace the police with social workers, who should get huge government-paid insurance plans as one of the benefits.

The mass exodus started upon the handling of the George Floyd case. Before any facts were out, four officers were convicted in the press based on a video. The violence towards and abuse of all police in major cities grew exponentially and the new administration does not have their backs, quite the contrary. Then the absurd decisions to abolish and defund police began.

In at least nine cities that made large cuts to police funding last year, homicides rose by nearly 68%, according to data analysis by The Times. Even cities like the District, which made relatively smaller, symbolic, cuts to police budgets, recorded significant increases in violent crime, The Washington Times reports.

Police departments facing shortages are overloading the officers they have and tired police are out on the beat.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 2020 budget proposal included a nearly $18 million increase for the Metropolitan Police Department, but the final budget was lower than the previous year. The city of over 700,000 recorded 198 killings by the end of 2020, the highest since 2004.

The police leaving say it is directly due to the demoralizing and dangerous efforts to abolish and defund the police.


All this makes the hard-Left administration happy. They want to federalize and politicize all police departments throughout the nation.

When you have a politicized justice department under the leadership of an ideologue, you get results based on ideology, not facts.


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