Bob Dole, A Man for Our Times


Bob Dole, a war hero who lost an arm fighting for his country, overcame his grievous World War II combat wounds to become a pre-eminent figure in U.S. politics as a longtime Republican senator from Kansas. He was his party’s unsuccessful 1996 presidential nominee.

Bob Dole, who was suffering from advanced lung cancer, died on Sunday at 98 years of age.

“America has lost one of its heroes; our family has lost its rock,” Dole’s family said in a statement. “He embodied the integrity, humor, compassion, and unbounded work ethic of the wide-open plains of his youth. He was a powerful voice for pragmatic conservatism.”

Dole was a Trump supporter. He was loyal throughout his career. The retired senator liked Donald Trump’s policies and stuck with him through think and thin, which was in line with his character.

Most people are singing his praises, even including Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

Some in the media were sarcastic over Bob Dole’s support and loyalty to Donald Trump. Dole never abandoned Donald Trump but felt he legitimately lost the election.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan was one of the first to jab at the late Senator. It says more about him than it does about Bob Dole.

Hasan sarcastically jabbed at anyone criticizing him:


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