DHS Legalizes Migrants in Mexico Who Then Get Escorts


Without fanfare, President Joe Biden’s administration has quietly unfurled a disastrous illegal immigration policy for months all along the U.S. southern border. Biden’s DHS under Secretary Mayorkas is illegally legalizing migrants without the migrants ever having to cross the border. Then they get escorts to and across the border.

Twice a day, seven days a week since September, Mexicali city officials have been working closely with Biden’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection on a secure, shared “CBP-ONE” online platform. They select hundreds of people monthly and escort them through Calexico, Calif.

Once the Americans check their paperwork, they legally admit them. Feel comfortable knowing the Mexican officials are picking the illegal immigrants for us. There is a great deal of corruption in Mexico. Cartels run the country.

These hand-picked migrants are free to start new lives under the benefit, with work authorization and the right to apply for asylum part of the package.

Congress never approved this, and it’s only one plan DHS Secretary Mayorkas had in mind. It’s under the guise of “humanitarianism.”

How about humanitarianism for American citizens?

via Todd Bensman at CIS

Biden just ups and legalizes anyone he feels like legalizing as if we didn’t have a Congress or laws.

Our borders are wide open, and Biden is doing his best to ensure these people never leave, whether they are criminals or not. He legalizes everyone.

Over 65% of all inmates in Federal and State prisons, detention centers, adult and juvenile, are Hispanic. So, Biden brings in five million more, and the plan is for another seven million next year.

Look at what is happening to San Francisco with the drugs and laced drugs pouring into the country:

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