Boeing Takes Flight From Far-Left Chicago as Crime Soars


Farnborough, UK – July 16, 2018: Boeing 737 MAX on a steep angled landing descent to Farnborough Airport, UK

Boeing, the world’s third-largest defense contractor and a famous maker of passenger jets, is moving its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Va. due to rising crime, National Review reports.

There are 59 active gangs in Chicago and they are flourishing.

The move comes as Chicago is increasingly ravaged by crime and random drive-by shootings in the middle of downtown. Boeing will leave 500 workers in Chicago but send thousands to Virginia.

Virginia is also business friendly. They’re currently reducing taxes, decreasing regulations, and beefing up law enforcement.

Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air, “Last October, Boeing’s headquarters in Chicago was described as looking like a ghost town, with few people showing up to work at the company’s corporate offices. And that was largely after the city began reopening…” Many  “simply didn’t want to brave the streets of the Windy City for fear of being carjacked or otherwise harmed by the criminals who seemed to be running the streets.”

In recent weeks, the theater district in downtown Chicago has had to shut down plays — the area has become very unsafe at night. Crime in Chicago is up 35 percent. Theft is up 67% this year compared with the same period in 2021.

It doesn’t help that Soros-funded DA Kim Foxx doesn’t prosecute according to the law. She likes looters, for one.

Back in March, NYC Mayor Eric Adams turned to Chicago‘s Lori Lightfoot for ideas on how to tackle subway crime and gun violence… even as violent crime surges 34% in the Windy City. That’s not a joke.

Crime is up 45% in New York City compared with last year. Maybe Adams admires Lightfoot’s mere 34% increase.

There is a serious lack of awareness among Democrats.

Wealthy homeowners can pay for their own armed police, and that’s what they do to control armed robberies and carjackings.

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