Bolsonaro’s Son Gets Charged with a Trump-Style Non-Crime


Brazilian prosecutors have charged Jair Renan Bolsonaro, 25, son of former President Jair Bolsonaro, for fake crimes, including money laundering and falsifying documents for a bank loan, newspaper O Globo reported on Wednesday. They said he exaggerated revenue for a loan.

It’s the exact civil crime New York Communist Attorney General Letitia James charged Donald Trump with. He took out loans, the banks agreed to the terms and the value of the collateral, the loans were paid back with interest, and everyone was happy. The Communists, now in power in Brazil, charged Jair Renan with the same crime.

In Brazil, the Communists said Jair Renan exaggerated the revenue of his events while applying for a company loan that he paid off. He didn’t even recognize the signatures on the company paperwork in his name. The Communists have an expert who says it’s tied to him, but who knows?

The news comes a day after his father, the ex-president was formally accused by federal police of fraud on his vaccination records, opening the door to criminal charges.

We are all third world Banana Republics now.

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