Letitia James Attempts to Squelch Trump’s Appeal


New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office on March 20 asked the New York Supreme Court appellate division to throw out several arguments by former President Donald Trump.

“The Court should not consider defendants’ new allegations and arguments—which contend that a full bond or deposit is a ‘practical impossibility,’” the letter to the court reads.

To appeal the $350 million judgment and hold off the attorney general from seizing assets, President Trump would be required to post bonds upward of $464 million, requiring what one broker estimated to be $1 billion in cash.

Four brokers couldn’t get the bond from 30 surety companies.

Gary Giulietti, an executive with the largest privately held insurance brokerage firm in the world, submitted a sworn affidavit saying he had never seen a bond of this size for a private individual or company and that surety companies don’t fill bonds of this size except for the largest public companies in the world in rare instances.

Only some companies are federally authorized to issue bonds that large, and most have internal policies limiting single bonds to $100 million, he added.

President Trump’s attorneys offered a $100 million bond, and a state judge will decide.

Letitia James Is Trying to Squelch Trump’s Appear

James claimed that Trump could get companies to pool their money together.

“Yet defendants supply no documentary evidence that demonstrates precisely what real property they offered to sureties, on what terms that property was offered, or precisely why the sureties were unwilling to accept the assets,” the attorney general’s office wrote.

James claimed he should have raised the arguments before the judgment and claimed Mr. Giuletti’s comments were unreliable since he wasn’t a witness and he’s Trump’s friend.

James claimed Trump’s attorney is also unreliable, saying he falsified the size of Trump’s triplex.

She doesn’t like Trump claiming he can’t get several bonds for $100 or $200 million apiece. James also told the State not to believe he can’t put up real estate.

According to the companies Trump hired, only one company considered it, and that fell through.

She told the court they could infer Trump’s properties “are not nearly as valuable as defendants claim.”  The commercial real estate market has come way down as interest rates have risen and regulations have increased. James conveniently ignores that. She’s an evil woman.

James said Trump could turn his properties over to the judge.

The Soviet media is evil also:

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