Bolton leak timed to start with President’s defense! Trump responds


Former national security adviser John Bolton’s memoir, “The Room Where It Happened,” is scheduled to be released March 17, according to a posting for the book that went live Sunday night.

According to the NY Times, Bolton claims in the book that the President tied Ukraine aid to an investigation of the Bidens and Democrats who attempted to interfere in the 2016 election.


The timing of a leak last night, published in the NY Times, coincides with the start of the President’s defense. It also comes as the impeachment trial is wrapping up.

The attorney for former National Security Adviser John Bolton said it was leaked by the NSC. There are hundreds of Obama holdovers at the NSC and Lt. Col. Vindman’s brother.

Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, a lead NSC ethics lawyer and the brother of impeachment witness Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, is in charge of reviewing materials by current or former NSC officials in the prepublication review.

It is also possible Bolton’s publishers leaked it to time with the Amazon pre-sales page going live last evening.

The New York Times reported about the leaked manuscript of the book that contained alleged details about an August exchange where President Trump told Bolton he would not lift a freeze on security aid for Ukraine until the country agreed to assist in investigations into his political rivals.

That’s according to the Times, an unreliable newspaper. However, Bolton has not denied it.

A summary of the book posted on its Amazon page describes it as a “substantive and factual account of [Bolton’s] time in the room where it happened” during his 519 days as Trump’s national security adviser.

The book’s release could be affected if the White House tries to block publication of certain aspects.

The Section That Hurts President Trump

The New York Times reported Sunday evening that Bolton writes in the manuscript of a meeting with Trump in which the president said he wanted to continue a freeze on nearly $391 million in security aid for Ukraine until the government there agreed to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats involved in 2016 election interference.

That contradicts the President who has said he did not directly tie aid to the probes. None of this is illegal, however.

A lawyer for Bolton on Sunday accused White House officials of leaking details of the forthcoming book after it was submitted to the National Security Council’s Records Management Division to review its contents for classified information on Dec. 30, a standard practice for former government officials writing books.


The President responded Monday, denying ever telling Bolton the aid was tied to investigations, nor did he complain of it when he was terminated.

President Trump said he is trying to sell books. The transcripts are all people need, he added.

The aid was released far ahead of schedule, he said.

As expected, #BoltonMustTestify is trending on Twitter. The Democrats will get what they want, and all of this could be lies.

Bolton’s alleged accusations brought back the calls for witnesses and extending this sham impeachment endlessly. These allegations are also timed with the President’s defense, which began Saturday briefly.

The President’s attorneys will present the full case beginning today at 1 pm.

Watch this brief clip from Fox News:



Bolton used Comey’s revenge publishers. Is he on the same mission?



  1. I wrote the same observation as I see here when the story broke.. This is a NYT “Comyism” practice. Bolton,the war hawk and leaker deserved to be fired. He couldn’t and can’t be trusted. Even if the president did ask for an investigation by Ukraine into the 2016 election, it was in his right to do so to protect the best interests of the US. That’s a lot of tax payer money to be sent to a foreign country that ranked 3rd in countries not to be trusted in the world. … Obama should be investigated for sending $151 billion to Iran without asking congress for the release of that obscene amount of funds, to a country that calls for “Death to America”. … The US spent 2+ years on the Mueller investigation based on a fraudulent dossier paid for by Hillary and DNC on a Trump-Russia investigation. A complete waste of time and taxpayer money that was proven to be a LIE and a farce. Hilary Clinton and the rest of the perpetrators should be tried and convicted as the perpetrators of that insane charade. … Biden who was VP at the time of his on air Quid Pro Quo to Ukraine and his habitual alcoholic, drug imbibing, unqualified son should also be investigated and brought to trial. As should Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi as perpetrators for their collusive efforts to form a coup to over throw a duly elected president; Solely based on irrational hate for the president and a blood lust for control, power, and greed. …. As far as the NYT is concerned .They have turned that out fit into an unfit non credible rag that only suitable for bird cage liner or dog training pads.

  2. That pretty much sums it up. They’re are so many others that should be investigated, and they’re wasting our time by going after the president. Who was well in the confines of the law for the accusations by the left.

  3. Of course, this illegal leak will not be investigated by the corrupt investigative team of Wray & Barr.

    Of course, Mitch will not allow any senate hearings on this either. Mitch only investigates Trump. Mitch has 2 active investigations on Trump in the intelligence committee. Mitch is currently trying Trump. How impressive.

    Maybe Graham will make another one if his self serving loudmouth statements.

  4. It is a total pattern. Whenever someone points out a hole in the Dem’s arguments, the exact patch for that hole suddenly appears on cue. This pattern came to light during the Kavanaugh Hearings because it happened too many times. This is from the same playbook. Unless they have a copy of the unpublished manuscript in hand it is just more hearsay from anonymous sources.

  5. Oh no! The Dem’s have a copy of a draft from a disgruntled ex-Trump employee that heard from an undisclosed source that Trump did something really bad! Trump is history now! Dud Bombshell No. 1,099

  6. The main problem is that Ukraine got their aid, actual weapons to defend themselves. Unlike Obama and his blankets and rations. So we are supposed to forget about that chump Biden and his son? And that video of that moron actually bragging about a quid pro quo? Running for President does not give someone blanket immunity from previous bad acts. Besides, that fool may not be the nominee. The President has a duty to not send our hard earned money to a corrupt country……………case closed !!!!!!!!

  7. Come his acceptance speech on re-election night, my hope is for President Trump to tell his detractors right then and there, that he is done meeting them half way. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Sure the courts will over-turn some of his E.O.s, but let his enemies suffer in the meantime.

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