Bombshell: Biden takes min 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM in GA


William Stringer, using the handle Endeez, thinks he found a bombshell with Biden taking a minimum of 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18 am. The author of the clip asks people to watch the first minute. He believes he has found fraud.

Biden’s lead in Georgia is only 12,781 votes.

“This analysis is based on official timestamped election night data from Edison Research which was obtained from the NYT website,” Endeez writes.

Endeez continues:

This batch of 23,487 votes went, at an absolute minimum accounting for all decimal places, 97.9779% for Biden.

This batch was uploaded at 12:18 AM EST on Nov 4 (election results began the evening of Nov 3).

This is not a case of updating one candidate at a time; we can see from looking at the surrounding batches that Trump did not receive any corresponding entries.

According to official data released by the state of Georgia, the county in which Biden received the highest percentage of total absentee by mail votes was Dekalb County at 86.39%.

That makes this batch of votes extremely suspect, even if every single allowance is made with the minimum number of votes gained and assuming it’s 100% mail-in from the most heavily D county.

The ballots that comprised this batch should and must be obtained and independently audited (i.e. not by city officials) as soon as possible.

Nine witnesses of the recently completed Georgia audit including at least one registered Democrat swore to have seen suspiciously pristine, uncreased mail ballots, uniformly and perfectly filled out, almost always for Biden. In one case, a batch of such ballots included 500 ballots in a row all cast for Biden. Is there a relation?

It’s extremely strong evidence of fraud. And someone who is not a city worker should count these ballots.


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