CCP to Biden: open US domestic markets without restraint & be subservient


China’s leading government-controlled daily paper, the communist state’s official propaganda rag, Global Times, published an op-ed of how they want Biden to work with them.

They gave out three instructions to the “incoming Biden administration.” They want obedience, no challenges to China’s economic superiority, and they want Biden to open US domestic markets without restraint.

Their vision is of a weak and obedient Biden administration and they call that a “partnership.”

“Biden is, irrevocably, the 46th US president,” the op-ed states. It then launched into an outline on how the two countries will combine their resources in fighting COVID.

The Times op-ed suggested that obedient America is a better America

It also warned the lazy, enfeebled Biden that, “Demonizing China or slinging dirt on Chinese people will never help to stop the flare-up of infections and fatalities in America…China’s experiences are impressive in curtailing the pandemic, and China’s unparalleled ability in manufacturing PPEs and producing vaccine vials and freezers should not be neglected and could be made use of by the Biden government.”

The Times made clear that China’s economy is growing at a “sizzling pace” and if the US intends to benefit from that “reality” it should comply with China, the nation that enslaves and tortures people, ending its “selfish” doctrine of America First.

“Economic confrontations with China chosen by Trump’s team failed to do the US, or any country in this world, any good…[T]he incoming Biden administration needs to ponder its new policies, to reverse the course of the tumultuous policies of the past four years trumpeted by Trump.”

They want the same thing for America that Democrats want — a weak and subservient Communist State.

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3 years ago

There’s Hunter, but we can’t leave out good ‘ol Cocaine Mitch. He will be on board with Biden, and likely more than this.

First Kronstadt Soviet
First Kronstadt Soviet
3 years ago

Pet my hairy legs comrade. Do whatever you want in the South China sea Comrade Chairman.
Yes the Swiss bank account is looking juicy. Forward! Yes we can.
The 69th rump ranger tranny brigade is our elite unit and they are out of commission at diversity training if you want to take Taiwan for the good of the collective.