Bombshell! CCP Balloon Had Tools to Collect Communication Signals


According to the State Department, China’s spycraft, which targeted US communications, flew over more than 40 countries and is directed by the Chinese military.

The NY Times reports:

The United States used high-resolution imagery from U-2 flybys to determine the balloon’s capabilities, the department said in a written announcement, adding that the balloon’s equipment “was clearly for intelligence surveillance and inconsistent with the equipment onboard weather balloons.”

The agency said the balloon had multiple antennas in an array that was “likely capable of collecting and geo-locating communications.” Solar panels on the machine were large enough to produce power to operate “multiple active intelligence collection sensors,” the department said.

The US said that the company that made it has direct commercial ties with the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese military. The Times reports that the company advertises past flights over the US [AND WE DIDN’T KNOW? AND WE’RE GOING TO GO WAR THEM AND RUSSIA?]

The US does not know what they targeted or picked up, yet we were told as it traveled across the US that they were confident they took precautions to prevent communications.

The US wouldn’t shoot it down, and now Biden’s only reaction is it won’t hurt our relations with them???

He doesn’t bother to address the fact that China is preparing to go to war with the US.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Almost any rational person would have immediately known exactly what it was.
A Chicomm is a Chicomm is ….

James Linsley
James Linsley
1 year ago

Bought and paid for illegitimate President China Joe just gave up the country.
First no borders now no protection over our air space. When is Joe going to give China the invitation to take over? You idiots keep voting for this idiot and his party! I’ll take mean tweets, sovereignty, low inflation, low gas prices, low food prices, and Americans first over China Joe any day!

1 year ago

I think the CCP was collecting a lot more intelligence than just signals. At the elevation and being nearly stationary, you can collect far more than a Satellite or Spy Plane. I worry they were collecting Silo Data. Exactly which Silos have ICBMs in them and when over air force bases, which hangers had nuclear weapons. Only a totally compromised Government would allow a foreign power to do what the CCP did. We can’t wait until 2025, we’ll be at war before then.