China’s Angry the US Blew Up Their Balloon – They Won’t Answer the Phone


China is still threatening us for shooting down their “weather” balloon, which “accidentally” floated over secure military installations for four days. Their attitude has hardened, and they are angry we shot it down. Incredibly, Biden said on Monday that it would not weaken our relations with China.

The Pentagon just said China has declined a US request for a phone call between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe after the U.S. shot down a potentially dangerous Chinese spy balloon.

The Wall Street Journal reported: “We believe in the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between the United States and the PRC in order to responsibly manage the relationship,” Gen. Ryder said, referring to the People’s Republic of China. “Unfortunately, the PRC has declined our request.”

China’s demanding the return of the remains of the balloon.

The CCP won’t take our phone calls after they invaded our air space.

“America is back,” under Joe Biden! Uniting the world.

Mao Ning’s Angry

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning reiterated that the “unmanned airship” posed no threat and accidentally entered U.S. airspace.

According to our military, it’s happened at least five other times, perhaps more.

Again, Mao criticized the U.S. for overreacting rather than adopting a “calm, professional” manner and using force to bring the balloon down Saturday in the Atlantic Ocean just off the U.S. coast.

Asked if China wanted the debris returned, she only reasserted that the balloon “belongs to China.”

“The balloon does not belong to the U.S. The Chinese government will continue to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests resolutely,” Mao said at a daily briefing without giving further details.

Secretary of State Blinken was supposed to visit Beijing over the weekend and had to cancel when civilians spotted the balloon over Montana. Maybe Beijing didn’t want him to come.

The balloon was in US air space, invading our sovereignty. Then again, Biden invited the world to come in illegally through our open borders. We don’t really have any sovereignty or borders.

They insist it was for meteorological purposes, but they still can’t come into our air space uninvited. Imagine if the roles were reversed.

Newt Gingrich said, “It will be difficult for Joe Biden to project any confidence about the state of our union after Americans just watched his woke, incompetent, and deeply confused national security team flounder over a single Chinese spy balloon.”

We can’t even get them on the phone.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago


Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Bullies and propagandists!
They are basically using Saul Alinsky tactics on the Democrats which is a ‘funny’ reversal to see. It’s just like the Dumbocrats doing something stupid and blaming the Republicans.

1 year ago

Raise the Chinese import tax 50% and see if they won’t answer the phone. After all Democrats love raising taxes.