Bombshell: Garland Waited Weeks to OK Mar-a-Lago Raid


The premise, at least the one we were told, for the raid on Mar-a-Lago, is there were top secret and even more secret documents at the resort. We soon heard there were nuclear documents. Some in the media even made the ridiculous statement that they could be the nuclear codes. According to a new report, Attorney General Merrick Garland waited weeks to okay the raid.

The Journal’s Sadie Gurman and Aruna Viswanatha report from Washington:

Attorney General Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, people familiar with the matter said, a sign of his cautious approach that will be tested over the coming months.

The decision had been the subject of weeks of meetings between senior Justice Department and FBI officials, the people said. The warrant allowed agents last Monday to seize classified information and other presidential material from Mar-a-Lago.

These people are liars and manipulators.

The search warrant was extremely broad and covered classified and unclassified documents. They were looking for everything. Donald Trump doesn’t even know what they took.

It wasn’t an emergency, and they still raided a former president’s home and office, taking everything. They were looking for everything that an opponent – and possible future candidate – had stored. They even took boxes marked attorney-client privilege. These people have names, dates, allies, and so on.

Jonathan Turley calls Merrick Garland “the incredible shrinking man.” Turley writes, At the movie’s end, “When Scott Stuart faced his diminished stature, he asked, “I was continuing to shrink, to become… what? The infinitesimal? What was I?” That is a debilitating question for any person, but it is disastrous in an attorney general.”

We need to see the application that explains the basis of the warrant. Someone also needs to interview the people who packed the boxes.

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John Vieira
7 months ago

The spin doctors are hard at work…unfortunately, only the disturbed subscribers to the msm’s lurid and putrid output, who are too many, succumb to their bias and corruption…

audra seldeen
audra seldeen
7 months ago

Can you think of one honorable thing our government has done since Biden took over? An obvious crooked election allowed to take place with many Republicans at fault for not correcting it when they had the duty to do so. Ever since, the Country has been weakened and sacrificed with an invisible border and who knows what invasion lies in the future. Our food supply diminished, the ability to farm it diminished and our Military weakened by the enforced vax. Treason being accomplished when stunts like Pelosi’s Taiwan visit and the Trump’s home being raided to keep the American citizens’ attention off the evil being accomplished. How much more will we endure before a stand is taken?

7 months ago

Attorney General Merrick Garland waited for the go ahead from the White House. The idea that the White House did not approve of and timed this event for maximum media coverage is preposterous. This was done to try and save Liz Cheney. They went looking for a smoking gun, any smoking gun. It was a shot in the dark to make people think Trump is bad and only people like Liz Cheney and the band of Dick Cheney RINOs can save us.