Simple and Brilliant Explanation of the Political Hoax Pattern


The clip below is brilliant in its simplicity as Scott Adams explains the hoax pattern we are once again living through. The media is following the same steps with the Mar-a-Lago raid as they did with Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and other numerous hoaxes aimed at Donald Trump.

The players and the playbook are the same,. In the clip below, Scott Adams does a great job describing the process of making the hoax work.

The hoax begins with stories from anonymous sources. The seed is planted.  Then some kind of legal action ensues that confirms the anonymous sources. The next step is the amplification – the what ifs.  For example, what if Trump has nuclear documents.

From there, we go to Schiff in a SCIF. The Left will allow people to read the documents in a SCIF. Iin this case, Adam Schiff is the likely choice to get the microphone. He will cherry-pick what comes out and lie about it.

This gets dragged out as long as possible and at the end, Democrats do not admit the whole thing was a hoax and their constituents never learn the truth. Democrat media does that regularly. For example, Norah O’Donnell reported fake news that the FBI didn’t take Donald Trump’s passports. She still hasn’t corrected that even though the FBI admitted they did and returned them.

Indeed, most Democrats don’t know Russiagate was a hoax.

The pattern works for everyone they target, not just Donald Trump.

Watch the clip. It is the pattern we have seen over and over again. It’s also the same people who are involved.

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