70 GOP Vote $375M for an FBI Facility Larger Than the Pentagon


In case you missed it, 70 House Republicans joined 203 Democrats in a vote to fund a massive expansion of the corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is the FBI that is currently hunting a J6 protester with tanks, tactical teams, a chopper, and flashbang grenades. The J6 protester’s crime was shooting pepper spray in the direction of police and protesters.

Laura Loomer posted the names of the 70 House Republicans, members of the Uniparty:


The FBI is getting $375 million more in its budget to build lavish new headquarters in the D.C. suburbs of Maryland, which will reportedly be larger than the Pentagon’s.

This is an agency that is weaponized. It has become a national police force, turning its tools and tactics on Americans.

On Wednesday, the House Republicans voted against Congressman Matt Gaetz‘s amendment to restrict funding for the new FBI headquarters.

Gaetz said on X Wednesday: “70 Republicans voted to reward the Weaponized FBI with a new $300M headquarters – larger than the Pentagon. Sad!”

He added:

“I don’t believe that the FBI deserves a massive new headquarters or Washington field office…building a new headquarters would condone, reinforce, and enable the Washington field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s nefarious behavior.”

Gaetz said he felt the FBI had been politically weaponized and, therefore, deserved to operate out of a “rat-infested” building.

“Guess what? Our country is crumbling when a weaponized security state targets the civil liberties of American citizens because of their politics,” Gaetz said on X Thursday. “Those in the J. Edgar Hoover Building should sit in that rat-infested building until they get their act straight.”

The funds for the new building, which will be relocated from Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C., to Prince George’s County, Md., were allocated in the $1.7 trillion fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill.

This is the FBI that used counterterrorism tool against parents unhappy with their Boards of Education. it’s the FBI that covered up Biden family crimes. They are responsible for the Spygate corruption. The list is long.

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