‘Bombshell video’ released — of a ceiling — while Trump says ‘take her out’ – Full video released


Update: The full 90-minute video has been released and it’s more than just a ceiling, but not much more It’s not a meeting, it’s a casual dinner. We don’t know who the others in attendance are yet, perhaps donors. The video is at the end, but it’s just an uneventful conversation.

The Trump-Fruman-Parnas video is a joke. The big ‘bombshell video’ is a video of the ceiling. As for the discussion on the tape, we leave it to the readers to decide and comment.

We need to know more about this dinner between the President and allegedly a group of staff, Lev Parnas, and/or Igor Fruman before we can say much about it.

Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas are a couple of con men who knew some high-level Ukrainians. Rudy Giuliani brought them into the President’s life to make high-level contacts and expose the Ukrainians’ role in corruption in the 2016 election.

Who knows how well the President actually knew these two dopes. He knows everyone. It sounds like the President knew them better than he let on, but it’s not clear.

This conversation isn’t a high-level meeting. It was casual until the big moment for the MSM when the President responded to one of the two, now-indicted, Ukrainians.

The person speaking, possibly Igor Fruman made a point of saying Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was bad-mouthing the President.

The President — it seems — joked at first about recalling Yovanovitch (she wasn’t fired). Then, he sounded as if he might have become angry and was serious about wanting her removed. Someone said, make a note. We think he might have been joking the entire time.

He obviously wasn’t that serious because she stayed on in her post for more than a year after that.

The President’s big mistake was not removing these people from their posts as soon as he took office as had other presidents before him.  Obama sent Bush employees notices at the beginning of his tenure.

Why did this fraud Igor tape it anyway? They were big Democrat donors before Trump won the presidency.

The recording was made in April 2018 but Marie Yovanovitch was not removed from her post until May 2019. So, obviously, she wasn’t fired as a result of this meeting.

As the President has said, he says on the tape that he is frustrated the U.S., as opposed to European allies like Germany, has to shoulder the whole burden of protecting Ukraine. That lends support to his impeachment defense.

We rate this a no-never-mind, but the video of the ceiling was well worth watching.

Watch the ceiling video:


These videos should not be allowed on air. It’s a private dinner meeting. These two taped because they are up to no good.

It’s a whole lot a nuttin’! It’s harmless and Trump didn’t say anything he doesn’t always say. He doesn’t even know what business all these people are in. He might well not remember Parnas and Fruman.

He was surprised to find out Ukraine had oil deposits. That should put an end to the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theories.

The full video — you can click the link and download or watch the full video on the link or we will have it here shortly:

The video will take a while to process:


Correction: We accidentally posted a draft copy. This is the edited copy. Sorry for any confusion. We also updated after listening to this nothing conversation.



  1. Braking news…scandal unfolds as boss fires staff member! Er…wait…you mean a boss is allowed to fire his staff!? No way! Lock him up! LOL! Democrats…you can’t make it up…

  2. We have never had a President so closely monitored, and yet the demons still cannot find anything truly bad on him.
    If this kind of spying were done on any demon President, ever, there would be riots in the streets and fires and calls for “justice”.
    So tired of this nonsense.

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