Border Chief Said They Can’t Protect the US – Calls for Reform


Opinion in this article

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens told ABC News that we must pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a euphemism for amnesty and a path to citizenship as a solution that could be handled by closing the border. Democrats are willing to let these foreigners destroy the country to get these future Democrat voters voting.

“In terms of flow and the threats that we’re seeing with fentanyl,” Owens said, “and with the criminal organizations that are our adversary, it’s about as bad as I’ve ever seen it. The last week has been intense, to say the least. Thousands are crossing per day in the latest spike in migration. We haven’t seen these numbers since the end of Title 42, the pandemic era policy that allowed officials to quickly expel most migrants at the border without allowing asylum claims.”

“This isn’t sustainable. This is up and down the system. Everybody is overwhelmed—even the government of Mexico, which has been great partners for us [they have?].”

Jason Owens

“Our facilities are already over capacity, nowhere more overwhelmed than the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas, where thousands of migrants [illegal aliens] converged and crossed over the last week. Behind that, in part, organized crime.

“It’s a money-making opportunity for those smugglers, and I believe it’s a distraction for them to cross other things into the country…other things like narcotics, fentanyl, cash, weapons, people of interest – whether it be hardened criminals and gang members, convicted sexual predators.”

Owens says … they’re still facing removal and deportation, so it is not this open gate that the smugglers are promising, but that’s what they’re saying. [It is open]

“A record 81,000 plus migrants crossed the notorious Darien Gap from Colombia to Panama last month, eventually joined on the route to the US by those from Central America and Mexico.”

Owens [says] “we enforce the laws that are on the books; we don’t have the right nor should we of denying somebody due process once they are on American soil. [Not a good approach]”

Owens told the interviewer that “it is not the job of Border Patrol agents to process migrants [illegal aliens], or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s their job to stop deadly harmful things from coming into the country, but they can’t do that as long as this kind of migration keeps happening and as long as Congress doesn’t pass comprehensive immigration reform to fix what is unquestionably a broken system.”


WOW. He wants amnesty for all these people so they can vote for Democrats. The system is broken because Democrats in power won’t follow the law. Democrat broke the system. The laws are fine.

Comprehensive immigration Reform is another plan to pretend we’ll secure the border while illegal aliens are given a path to citizenship so they can vote for Democrats. If Democrats have their way, no Republican will ever be president again, and this totalitarian Democrat regime will rule forever.

Pushing amnesty has always been the Democrat’s goal. Is this the type of person Americans want ruling over us in perpetuity? They don’t care what these people do to us as long as they have all the power of government.

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