Border Correspondent on Terrorists: “It’s Too Late…They’re Here.”


Jaeson Jones, border correspondent for Newsmax, spoke with Chris Salcedo on Newsmax today, telling Chris there was no point in wondering about terrorists getting into the United States. “It’s too late…they’re here,” he said.

“We’ve had people, approximately 72,800 people, …we know of, come from a country with the terrorism Nexus. Now look, I have been warning on your show, and how many shows countlessly the what we’ve been witnessing at the southwest border is the largest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11…

He mentioned that most of the people coming in are military-age men.

“And every time I would say that somebody would come back and they would say, Jaeson, this is all by design, and those who said that looked at that SW border through a lens of immigration, not through the lens of national security.


“It’s too late. We can stop worrying about the southwest border or what’s taking place down there because, guys, they’re here, Chris…”

“Now, what do we have happening globally? We have the leader of Hamas calling for a day of terrorism all over the world, and what are we doing to stop it?”

We have to remember gotaways are just the ones we know of. Never mind the ones that we don’t know about… we’ve had people from 163 different countries in 10 months across our southwest border. We have been trying to warn that this is the sum of all fears, you know, the threat of Middle East terrorism never went away.”

Jones talked about the networks bringing these sketchy people into the country.

“It’s like no one in Washington listens. Well, it’s too late now…”

You’ve had 72,000 people just that we know of that came into the country from a country with the terrorism Nexus; you’ve only got 27,000 FBI agents, 27,000 and many of them were stationed overseas so where we don’t even have the manpower to keep up with the numbers of people who have been pouring in in this country, Chris.”

Jaeson Jones wants to hear, “the whole weight of the United States government is coming for you…”

“It was all done intentionally through policy…”


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