Debate #2! We Watched It So You Didn’t Have To


Debate #1 was not nearly as boring as Debate #2 which was painful to watch. Lots of platitudes and unrealistic plans. One thing you should know is that ALL, every single one, of the candidates want healthcare for all illegal aliens. NBC got Joe Biden and every single other Democrat on the stage to say they want to give taxpayer-funded free health care to illegal immigrants.

No candidates spoke about the Mueller report, which was nothing more than an attempt to dig up a crime for two years with $35 million taxpayer dollars. All stayed away from mentioning Israel and all were weak on economics and foreign affairs.

Despite earning $174k a year, Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez and Omar say their student debt is holding them back. They needn’t worry, if Democrats get in, several think we have the money to pay off everyone’s school loans and keep paying them off with free college.

Bernie called for free college, free healthcare, which includes dental, vision, longterm care, no co-pays and we’ll all save money. He will take on Wall Street, meaning he’ll kill it, along with our pensions. Lester Holt asked Bernie why some states had to pull out of free healthcare, but he wouldn’t answer. Bernie will rescind “every damn thing” Trump has done. He’s also into diversity.

Bernie promised to rotate Justices in and out of the Supreme Court.

That is unconstitutional Bernie.

Biden will eliminate the tax cuts for the wealthy which mostly helped the middle class, and will be a large tax increase on everyone. He talked about his son’s death from cancer. He previously said he’ll cure cancer, and he wants Obamacare back. Biden wants to pour money into the thugs who run the nations now invading to our south and he claims the children don’t have blankets. He says he’s not a racist, good to hear. He worked with Obama he said. Sleepy Joe made his comments as Harris yelled in his face about bussing. Bussing was an unmitigated disaster which no one liked, regardless of race. Biden also said he did a lot for civil rights. He handled it well.

Biden wants all-electric cars — by 2030 I think he said.

About guns, Biden’s favorite word is BANNED.

Bernie told Rachel Maddow that her quoting him was a mischaracterization.

Sleepy Joe was confused at times.

Kamala Harris will give handouts of tax dollars to anyone making under 100,000. Harris is opposed to people working more than one job, but that’s what got me out of the slums and into college.

I had an immigrant tell me how grateful he was to be able to work two jobs. It’s not possible in Italy, he said. The jobs just aren’t there. She says the country is just rife with racism.

Harris implies climate crisis caused California wildfires. She linked climate to Kim Jong Un, but didn’t bring her evidence with her.

She too will abolish all tax cuts on day one and will reinstitute DACA. Harris can’t figure out where President Trump gets his numbers from that indicate the economy is doing well. She hasn’t heard about GDP, job growth, wage growth, labor force participation, et cetera?

Kamala justifies bringing a child to the US with a coyote in this next clip.

Bernie and Kamala say no more private health insurance. Even if you like your health insurance, you can’t keep your health insurance.

Senator Gillibrand couldn’t get much attention. Joe Biden seemed to be resting, but he did say he will give free college.

Mayor Pete, whose town has a high murder rate that no one asks him about, wants amnesty for all who enter here. He says Indiana is threatened by climate change, and they’re threatened by murder too I bet.

Hickenlooper doesn’t like cages and Williamson doesn’t like children taken from their mother’s arms.

Andrew Yang was present, wants to give us money.

All of the candidates want free healthcare for illegal aliens.

Harris made an impression but she’s crazy left and slept her way to the top. Harris is considered a breakout star today but she did it by shouting at everyone and espousing socialism. If you’re normal, you think Harris is a lunatic who also happens to be very rude.

Gillibrand made no impression and is even further to the left of Harris. Pete Buttigieg doesn’t know a lot but he didn’t sound as crazy as the others. Biden and Warren appear to be leading with Bernie fading into the place where all crazy politicians must one day go — oblivion.

However, a poll by the far-far-left Indivisibles claim Harris is number one.

President Trump weighed in from Japan.

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