Boston mayor diverts police OT to community programs


The Boston mayor declared racism a public health crisis and diverted police overtime money to [leftist] community programs and welfare.

It will be wasted money. Those programs never do anything and the corrupt people line their pockets. It’s like what happened with New York City Mayor de Blasio’s wife. She lost a billion dollars on one such venture. She can’t account for the money and achieved nothing.

Mayor Walsh will transfer 20% of the police budget, $12 million, to social services.

Boston Mayor Walsh said the cuts to the police overtime account will be split up with $3 million for the Public Health Commission; $2 million for housing security programs; $2 million to back minority and women-owned businesses.

He added another $2 million will go to violence prevention along with food security, immigrant advancement, and human rights; $2 million for mental health and $1 million to trauma counseling.

Sounds like the mayor learned police sometimes make more than he does. The OT has increased some salaries to over $100,000 but if they don’t have the OT, will they need more police?



  1. YEP – over and over again. When will they learn…? OH, WAIT….it’s MY money, not theirs, so… problem with it going to THEIR buddies…..

  2. I have no sympathy for the citizens of these blue states and cities who constantly vote these clowns in time and again. They will reap what they sow.

  3. Every time the police withdraw, for whatever reason, more black people are victims of violent crimes. They ALL KNOW this. What a sick and evil group.

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