No Outrage for Officer Patrick Underwood


There Is No Outrage for a Fallen Black Officer?

~ Angela Underwood

Officer Patrick Underwood, described as a warm and funny, sunny, and bright, no-nonsense guy, took pride in serving as a federal officer. He was murdered in Oakland during the riots. Sadly ironic is the fact that the riots are over a murdered black man.

Angela Underwood Jacobs appeared on Fox News to describe her sorrow over her brother’s service not being recognized by any leaders in the black community.

“My heart and my family’s heart is broken,” she told host Martha MacCallum.

“It feels as though there is a difference in life. Meaning that, on one hand, George Floyd and my brother’s situations are very different. At the same time, they are both African American men. There has been so much talk regarding George Floyd and his family, which is fine. However, I think at the same time, my brother should be recognized as well for literally going into work every day and putting his life on the line for us. It saddens me that he has not received the same type of — his memory hasn’t been as prevalent in the news and media as I think it should be.”

“I have not received any calls from anyone of color that are leaders in the country, and I’m wondering, why didn’t I get a phone call?” she wondered. “Why has someone not reached out to our family to see how we are doing?”

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