Boston Reparations Meeting in Nutsville


A reparations meeting was held today in Boston, and the people in attendance want $50 million from white churches. Why? Do they have slaves?

The Wokes convinced at least some people in the black community that white people were robbing them of their land and wealth and now owe them all their wealth. The wokes have them riled up with lies. I blame the white leftists for this insanity.

A woman at the meeting named Wanda Hervey screamed that she “hates this country for what they did to my people.” She’s talking about slavery. Boston abolished slavery in 1783.

The United States didn’t exist as a country until 1776, and then we fought a war that ended in 1783.

Every nation has a history of good and evil. They are not alone. We fought a Civil War to end slavery. Several of my direct ancestors fought in the War; one died in Andersonville. They were all white. We’ve given a lot of money to the black community, and they had a black president. They aren’t victims any longer unless they let the wokes convince them they are.

One member of the African-American community stepped up to the mic at the meeting to tell a commission on reparations what the term means to them: “cash, land, education — it’s these other functions that are included. It’s not just money.”

Another person wants their share of the wealth promised after the Civil War.

They have been batting around $15 billion for starters, but they don’t think that’s enough.

The reparations communists want white churches to give them $50 million for their stolen work.

The speakers at this meeting said thousands of slaves died in slavery in Boston, and that’s how they came up with the $15 billion. The fact that they think it’s not enough suggests this will never end once begun.

Additionally, if thousands died as slaves, it was before the US was even a country.

The woke mayor put a task force together in City Hall to study it and come up with recommendations.

People have to bear a sense of responsibility. There are slaves in this country; some are children, and Democrats are allowing them to come in over the border with their slavers. Those are the slaves I worry about. We abandoned slavery over 150 years ago. Bidenistas, working with cartels, brought it back.

Who is allowing slavery in the US today? Democrats. And the people who enslaved blacks in the past and wanted to continue the practice? Democrats. You had to be a Democrat to join the Klu Klux Klan.

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