Bowe Bergdahl Who “Served with Honor and Distinction” Gets a Dishonorable Discharge


Deserter Bowe Bergdahl will not serve prison time but he will be dishonorably discharged from the Army for desertion and misbehavior in 2009, a military judge ruled Friday.

The judge also ruled that Bergdahl’s rank be reduced from sergeant to E1. Additionally, Bergdahl will be required to pay a $1,000 fine from his salary for the next 10 months.

He had collected $300,000 upon his return and has been working at a desk since.

The Army soldier, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years after he deserted his Afghanistan outpost in 2009, pleaded guilty last month to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

Bergdahl was released in May 2014 in a controversial exchange for five high-level Guantanamo Bay Taliban terrorists. It was one of Obama’s bad deals.

When he deserted, three soldiers sent out to find him were seriously wounded with life-changing injuries. Bergdahl finally apologized to them this week.

Bergdahl faced life in prison but a medical team said he was suffering from a near-schizophrenic condition at the time of the desertion.

He had been rejected by the Coast Guard because of his undiagnosed mental illness prior to being accepted by the Army. His lawyer said some responsibility rests with the Army for admitting him into the Army.

Bergdahl willingly shared information with investigators about the Taliban that his lawyers said warranted more lenient treatment.

Bergdahl is the man Susan Rice and Barack Obama said served with “honor and distinction”.

Barack Obama praised him when he feted his odd parents in the Rose Garden. In this deserter, Obama found the one man he wouldn’t leave behind.

Bergdahl’s parents

Bergdahl’s father looked like a Taliban and greeted his son in the language of the Taliban, Pashto. It was a rather sickening spectacle. Bergdahl has still refused to meet with his parents.

A lot of people aren’t happy.

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6 years ago

“Bergdahl faced life in prison but a medical team said he was suffering from a near-schizophrenic condition at the time of the desertion”

Yeah, the medical team that allows Barack Hussein Obama to save face. Not so much about Bergdahl.

Dirtbag got off easy. His heart must be broken that Barack Obama didn’t save him. They should have thrown him behind bars and let him rot there. The harm that was done to others can never be reversed.

Charles Tackett
Charles Tackett
6 years ago

What a crock. In Vietnam we would have dangled him from a rope through the rice paddys. They let the SOB off light. ♠️