Curse of Stephen Paddock Continues with 7 Tragic Deaths


The worst mass shooting in U.S. history has been wiped from the theatre of current events and relegated to the annals of history. Yet we don’t have answers though a new report claims killer Stephen Paddock recently lost a great deal of his wealth.

Our news cycles move quickly but the media usually loves to drum up anti-gun sentiment with this type of story, but despite this, the story is fading into oblivion without answers, barely a month after the tragedy.

We had more answers within 24 hours of the New York City terror attack.

Then there are the mysterious deaths following the Vegas massacre.

While some blogs suspect people are being murdered because of ties to the killing, it appears to be more of a coincidence, almost a curse. Some of the recent victims who died after the Vegas attack spoke out about there being more than one killer but so have many others and they are not all dead. Still, one must wonder why Vegas has become so unimportant given the tragic nature of the crime. Have Americans become so immune to tragic events?

It’s to be expected that some of the twenty thousand who attended the Vegas festival targeted by Stephen Paddock would die, but the recent series of five incidents and seven deaths is very odd, especially given the fact that the valet who parked Stephen Paddock’s car and the witness, Jesus Campos, are being kept from media interviews.

The music and entertainment lawyer working on the case is dead at 66 years of age. He had an illness that could account for his sudden untimely death.

Orville Almon, Jason Aldean’s lawyer, has died in his sleep. Mr. Almon was representing the Route 91 festival and singer Jason Aldean who was on stage the night Stephen Paddock shot into the festival killing 58 and injuring nearly 500 others.

A blog called ‘your newswire’ reported that Mr. Almon found the FBI investigation “incredibly strange and complex” but that came from a comment by one of  his Facebook friends quoting him after his death. The page has now been made private and we can’t verify it.

If he did indeed find the case complex, the only answers we have gotten are simplistic.

Another person who died is Kymberley Suchomel, 28, who survived the Las Vegas shooting, only to tragically die a week later in her sleep. She had epilepsy.

Kymberley had epilepsy and was often prone to seizures, her grandmother said. She recently had three focal seizures. Her grandmother told the Daily Press:

“I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

She died five days after she posted her version of events to Facebook. Kymberley is alleged to have posted on Facebook that “every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground.”

We can’t verify she is the one who posted.

One 35-year old man who died became famous with his tweets which Sentinel saw as well. He was shot to death and police believe it was over a drug deal.

Another death of a survivor in Vegas was John Beilman who killed his disabled daughter and then himself. It was orignially thought that his name was attached to a communications device found in his room. One report said he was wanted by the FBI, but the FBI and police later reported that all of the devices were traced to Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer.

On 6 October 2017, NBC News reported that investigators, after earlier being puzzled by the presence of the phone charger, “have now been able to match all of the cell phone chargers found in the room with multiple cell phones that Paddock had with him.”

Dennis and Loraine Carver

Just weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a married couple from California died in a fiery wreck when their car rammed into a metal gate and burst into flames less than a mile away from their Riverside County home.

Dennis Carver, 52, famously jumped on top of his wife Loraine, 53, to shield her from the gunfire during the Vegas massacre.

When Dennis Carver realized the loud cracks weren’t fireworks but instead rapid gunfire, he jumped on top of his wife, Lorraine (Lora) Carver, to shield her from the bullets, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Yournewswire claims the Carvers spoke out about there being more than one shooter but we can’t find anything that supports that claim. It is a horrific tragedy. Perhaps their time was up.

Rather than a conspiracy, it’s closer to a curse the evil Stephen Paddock left behind.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

With every passing day, it becomes more alarming obvious, We The People have lost utter control of OUR government. And while this may have been creeping along for generations, it was exponentially increased since 9/11/01 and the Patriot Act.

I rather doubt agents “on the ground,” FBI, CIA, NSA, are likely involved but I DO believe the upper echelon of these agencies are dirty to their core, fully owned and operated by the Deep State.

Thus, also likely we will never get a truthful response from the FBI regarding what exactly transpired in Las Vegas. This I do know, approx. 5-6 days into the investigation, there was a very obvious change in the demeanor of the sheriff in charge. He went from presenting as a strong, confident LEO to an exceedingly unnerved man walking on eggshells.

Unfortunate, We The People have allowed our government to become unacceptably secretive, have let the get away with guarding all sorts of “secrets.” Demanding honest answers from them is going to be a very heavy task.