Boy Beats All the Girls in the 200 Meter Race


Males aren’t females, and they shouldn’t compete in women’s sports, no matter their age or the sport.

Aayden Gallagher, a biological male, is ‘unofficially’ ranked nationally among the top 50 high school girl sprinters. He is a transgender competing as a girl.

People are getting very tired of males winning in female sports. It’s the worst grift of the past several years. It gets them college scholarships and championships they couldn’t win as a boy.

Gallagher also had the best time in the preliminary heats of the event.  The sophomore also ran the fastest 400-meter prelim but lost the final of the 400-meter by 0.15 of a second.

He is going for the state title.

Aayden Gallagher won in the 200 meters to boos.

Outsports report:

Gallagher is a transgender girl in a state that affirms her right to compete on a girl’s team. Oregon requires no medical or hormonal transition for trans athletes to compete in any gendered category, and the state allows nonbinary athletes to simply choose their gender category in sports, regardless of any medical interventions.

Unfortunately for Aayden, he is not a girl. He’s a boy. The corrupt media boasts of his achievements, which some see as theft.

If parents try to speak out against this practice, the children are banned.

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