Jasmine Crockett Doesn’t Know How to Spell Her Last Name


Congressional Cat Fighter Jasmine Crockett is trying to fundraise on her new homophobic nickname for Marjorie Taylor Greene – bleach blond bad, built butch body. She gave MTG the name during their catfight this week. You can watch it here.

The only problem is that Jasmine misspelled her name in her fundraising X post. Maybe MTG should have said Jasmine isn’t smart enough to debate her.

She was torched on X.

She feels good about her performance in Congress.

Jasmine knows how to get re-elected. She tells black people they don’t have to pay taxes, and if they do, they should get free checks.

Not only that, but her girl-of-the-hood speech is a fraud. She’s a complete phony. Listen to the sweet, young, well-spoken Jasmine. Her speech affectation is a gimmick.

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