How’s Uncle Joe From Scranton Doing? Not Well!


Joe Biden has been spending the weekend campaigning to regain the support of black voters, which he is losing.

He spoke at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and then he met with the leaders of the Divine Nine, the nine historically black sororities and fraternities.
Joe kept messing up the acronym HBCU. That is really difficult – four letters and all. He’s giving the commencement address today at Morehouse but can’t say the name.

I am still convinced Democrats will replace him this summer.

He’s so utterly confused. This is who we have to stand up to Presidents Putin and Xl, to name two.

The Presidential motorcade no one cares about:

Biden is still obsessed with former President Donald Trump. As he spoke, he repeated the misleading claim that Trump said if he loses, there will be a “bloodbath.”

Uncle Joe said the polls were wrong. He also claimed that he had been ahead, tied, or just slightly behind when, in fact, according to the New York Times poll from about five days ago, he was behind by nine points in Georgia. That’s huge.

What’s wrong with President Caligula’s eyes here? Drugs?

Biden is EVERYMAN: (Biden is only a third Irish, mostly English descent, and descended from Jefferson Davis’s wife. His ancestors had slaves, and he became a senator only because of the support of really vile segregationists.)

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