BP Agents Did NOT Whip Any Haitians But Discipline’s Coming Anyway


Nearly 10 months ago, U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback were accused of whipping Haitians as they tried to illegally enter the United States from the Rio Grande. The result of the CBP investigation concludes that the agents were falsely accused. They did not whip anyone.

Border Patrol on horseback. They didn’t whip or strap anyone.

Joe Biden, his staff, and irresponsible Congresspeople falsely accused horseback BP agents of “strapping” Haitian migrants and promised “consequences”. Today, CBP announced their investigation found no evidence of any whipping but said they will discipline four agents for administrative violations.

The union will defend them “vigorously” if they appeal.

CBS, one of the corrupt legacy media networks, quoted the report saying that even though they didn’t whip anyone, they used “unnecessary” force. The report claims they violated agency policy when they aggressively dispersed Haitian migrants. The migrants were only seeking to deliver food to their families near Del Rio, Texas. This is what the months-long Customs and Border Protection (CBP) investigation found.

Trying to deliver food? Seriously? The Haitians were breaking into the country.

“The probe concluded that miscommunication prompted a Border Patrol supervisor to authorize a horse patrol unit to help Texas officials stop migrants from entering the U.S. through the Rio Grande, despite CBP’s policy at the time of allowing migrants to retrieve supplies in Mexico and return to Texas across the river, the senior agency officials said during a call with reporters,” CBS “News” reported.

CBS accepted this version of events without question.

At the time, Biden condemned the Border Patrol agents without any knowledge of what actually took place. That is why the agents have to face punishment.

It was a political opportunity for Biden to send out an anti-Border Patrol soundbite.

The illegal aliens were pouring in and some of these people are dangerous. The situation is dangerous.

Disciplining them is Stalinism – fascism. [Two clips follow]

Check out some of the new Americans, or should I say, new Democrat voters. Watch them attack Mexican police as they make their way to America. They’re not sending their best.

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