Brain-Addled Biden to Give Dreamers Our Entitlements


As we go broke, Entitlement Joe, accelerating the damage, wants to give illegal aliens our entitlements, especially health coverage. Dreamers allegedly came with their parents at a young age “through no fault of their own.”

Unfortunately, Dreamers are poorly vetted. They often don’t have IDs or have forged IDs, and who really checks thoroughly?

Will Joe extend it to the millions coming across now? That would be the next step or is granting them citizenship and the vote next? The far-left is incrementally making illegal aliens citizens so they can vote for communism.

Our health coverage is in a disastrous state. It’s a massive socialist wealth redistribution system that doesn’t work.

Everyone will get bad care. I’ve already signed up for concierge doctors. Now I can pay for freeloaders to get free care and pay more for myself.

Let’s not forget that George Soros said it’s essential to get Dreamers legalized to give [radical] Democrats a one-party progressive nation.

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