Why Honey Birdette Has a Man Modeling Bras – the ACLU?


Rita Panahi reports that men are now modeling women’s bras and panties. A luxury lingerie brand that sells high-end products for women only now uses a transvestite, a biological male in a bra and panties. Using the word, transvestite, is not meant as an insult. It’s only meant as clarification. They’re mixing up transgenders and transvestites as if they are one and the same.

In a post to its Instagram account Wednesday, Honey Birdette used a male model to show off its new “RUBY” 3-piece lingerie set. In the images, model Jake DuPree attempted seductive poses while wearing a red bra, panties, and matching red stockings.

The caption for Honey Birdette’s post stated, “Red curtain moment! @jakedupree stars in the RUBY 3 piece set.”


It’s really underwear for transvestites.

When I was young, men who wore women’s clothes were called tranvestites. I have a family member who was one until he died. The Left says we can’t call them that. We have to call them all transgenders because it suits their agenda, but they’re not. Most are still transvestites. They are two different things.

The model below is a gay man dressing as a woman. He’s a transvestite. He is not crossing any genders.

Some people are better off having surgeries to look like a different gender, but this is not what this is.

Here’s why Honey Birdettr is probably doing this – they are tied to the Soviet-ish ACLU:


They say they are “inclusive” as they eliminate what it means to be a woman. The Left hates women.


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