Bud Light Posted a Cutesy Friday Message! It Bombed!


Before Anheuser Busch decided to appropriate what a woman is, they were $6 billion richer. It probably doesn’t matter since they are rich enough to go WOKE and make less money. They tweeted a cutesy message on Friday to mollify people rejecting their beer. It bombed.

They represent the male patriarchy at its worst, i.e., when men destroy the very essence of what a woman is. Who cares if Dylan Mulvaney dresses like a woman? He should do it if it makes him happy, but he is an activist. Therein lies the problem. It’s an in-your-face effort to diminish women.

The CEO put out a non-apology message, and it made everyone unhappy. Did you know he was CIA? They’re everywhere.

He’s also retired (we think) CIA. He was in the clandestine service! They’re everywhere!

CIA’s Brendan Whitworth
Bud’s cutesy little Friday tweet drew some unwanted responses!

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