Brazilian news director: US elections mirror Latin American vote-rigging


Allan Dos Santos, Director of a large news service, Terca Livre News, spoke to Crossroads, The Epoch Times, and explained that he believes the U.S. election problems mirror vote-rigging in Latin America.

He talked about the many professional signs and t-shirts that all people are wearing to ‘protests’ and said that people need to ask who is printing them up. [We know it comes from the hard-left.]

To him, it seems the Republican Party is not supporting President Trump. They are part of the swamp. He said it’s a shame.

COVID was used as a tool by communists in Latin America to change the rules. This is how they do it in South America. Communists use the bureaucracy because they know we are not revolutionaries, and we don’t break the rules. So, they make you play by their rules, and you dance to their rules.

Mr. Dos Santos said America has many checks and balances, but they are not working now because those who question are silenced. If you try to question it, the state and mainstream media will not allow it. They will say you are a conspiracy theorist or worse.

They’ve made the election faster with machines in South America, but then you can’t check the votes. Venezuela made the machines [Smartmatic] they use in Brazil. Machines allow people to do whatever the owner of the machine wants to do. Because it’s a machine, you can’t recount or check the vote. He said that if you can’t check the votes and the state does not have to prove its transparency. You are disadvantaged.

He also noted that the USA is not a democracy but a Republic, and now the communists are changing everything.

The censorship he sees in the United States is serious. Censoring the President with nothing happening is a problem. Big Tech has conquered the world, it seems. They decide what you can say and when you can say it, he concluded.

If America falls, what country in the world can fight against these people [socialists/communists], he asks?

He said people in communist countries don’t have enough information about what is going on to react. That’s why we don’t see more of a revolt.

If America falls, how does anyone fight China?

Mr. Dos Santos questions the results of the US elections based on probabilities. He said the same people who voted for him in 2016 voted for him in 2020, and his base was growing. Why is this happening, he asks?


He added it’s America’s economic and military power that keeps the world safe.

Leftists, communists, do not rest, he reminds us. Once they defeat one place, they go for another. For this reason, fraud needs to be investigated right away, and he doesn’t think this is happening. The Republican Party, which should be the first warrior for Trump’s votes, is not it seems. They are part of the establishment.

When the problems first start, if it isn’t stopped, the fraudsters will keep getting worse.

As Bolsonaro was winning in Brazil, two large states stopped counting for an hour, and when they came back up, Bolsonaro was still winning, but he didn’t win outright. Everything changed. When America stopped counting, he wondered if the same thing was happening.

This is what happened in other Latin American countries, and he named several.

The interviewer asked him what he would tell Americans if he had one thing to say. He responded that drug dealers’ money funds all the socialists and communists. And they destroy everything they touch. America is the last bastion of freedom in the world, and you need to fight for it. You can’t wait for four more years.

Watch the video at The Epoch Times.


We definitely don’t have four years, possibly not even four months. Once Biden gives amnesty to everyone here illegally and opens the borders as promised, it’s over.

The people coming in illegally vote overwhelmingly for communist Democrats.

That’s only the beginning. Biden is planning for a public option in healthcare, which will give us a single-payer system. It’s unaffordable, especially considering that he’s going to give it to anyone who comes in illegally.

He said Beto would be in charge of our Second Amendment, and Beto wants to go door-to-door to take our guns.

Big Tech is censoring our speech, and that will only get worse.

Biden has sold out America for years, sending our manufacturing overseas, mostly to China, and he will continue to do so.

He promised high taxes and lots of spending while we are $30 trillion in debt.

He is open to reparations and letting prisoners out.

Biden promised to become part of the Paris Accord and the corporate globalism. This is while the World Economic Forum is talking about The Great Reset. That is a new social engineering project to convert capitalism into quasi-socialism, and the only ones who benefit are the elites.

There’s more, but that’s for starters.

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