Newsguard Is a Fraudulent Fact-Checker, I now bear the Scarlet Letter


Someone or some organization reported the Sentinel to Newsguard. It is a fact-checking website with self-appointed authority over our 1st Amendment rights.

Newsguard is one of many of the latest corrupt fact-checking websites with some interesting investors. The website is unAmerican in that they are appointing themselves as ambassadors of truth and fact but are clearly biased left.

We value constructive criticism and never want to give false news. That’s more than I can say for the mainstream media. Newsguard finds no fault with them, which immediately takes away all credibility.

Newsguard isn’t constructive, and there is no give-and-take of the type you would have if they sincerely wanted to improve our articles.

Newsguard is a tool of the left for the most part, although Republican Tom Ridge is one of their investors. He’s a Never Trumper. In fact, he’s out this week, claiming Trump is unAmerican for saying he won the election. Mind you, he said nothing when Democrats called Trump ‘illegitimate.’

Newsguard decides subjectively if you met their guidelines, which come from Poynter. Soros donates to Poynter. And we have a news and opinion blog. We never pretended to be the AP.

The fact-checker decides if your titles and articles are dishonest, and so much more. We had a green shield with them and have done nothing different in the past year, yet, they now gave us and many other conservative sites a red shield. It’s like 1939 Germany. The red shield follows me all over Chrome.

Other sites that had a green shield but now have to bear the Scarlet Letter are 100% Fed Up, the Right Scoop, the Blaze, Breitbart, and many others. They are good sites and don’t publish fake news. Undoubtedly, they make mistakes on occasion.

The ‘checker’ was totally unreasonable. If I gave him the proof he asked for, he ignored it or found some other flaw out of thousands of articles.

For instance, he said I didn’t show evidence that Soros funded the Black Lives Matter riots. In fact, he selected an opinion article by a one-time writer. I have many articles on my site that show Soros’ Open Society Foundations funded BLM to the tune of $33 million. When I gave him the evidence, he ignored it.

He said I didn’t correct mistakes, so I gave him a long list of corrected articles, and he complained that the corrections weren’t good enough. In one case, he complained that the headline wasn’t changed. I was always taught that you don’t change headlines. The correction was the first line of the article.

He said an article by Dr. Bartlett couldn’t be true because a fact-checking organization I never heard of said it was not true. I never said it was true. I merely reported it because Dr. Bartlett said it cured all of his patients, and we were desperate at the time for any drug that might work.

I presented proof that the Transition Integrity Project head said a coup might be needed to get rid of Trump, and he claimed it was false. It’s not.

He gave me a hard time over a headline that was a direct quote from the Pennsylvania Attorney General saying he couldn’t see Trump winning the state.

I made a mistake by not detailing the evidence in one article about mask-wearing. I never said not to wear them. I don’t know if they work, but I think they are a good idea.

There was one article that was wrong about 7 Milwaukee districts having more votes than registered voters. We didn’t get a chance to correct it but would have.

It was clear he was on a mission to demonize this website and all conservative websites. His list of sites that aren’t accurate is extremely long and conservative. In fact, we are far more truthful and accurate than CNN and the NY Times. We don’t spend much time on the left’s views because everyone in the mainstream does that. They don’t need our help, and that’s not our mission.

He sent me a list of investors, and at least one has worked with George Soros in the past — John S. & James L. Knight Foundation, Inc.

You should also know that they have found no fault with ABC, NBC, CNN, and the NY Times, even after promoting a Russia hoax for three years, a Ukraine hoax, and framing General Flynn.

Newsguard is a subjective band of self-appointed monitors of our free speech. I am in great company with my Scarlet Letter, and it’s my Red Badge of Courage for doing what I do here.

We are so sick of fake fact-checkers of the left.

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6 months ago

I look forward to our civil war so we can crush the reicht wing wackos

Carla Westerlund
Carla Westerlund
1 year ago

We all now know this. Congress needs to act!

Steve K
Steve K
2 years ago

Yep. Exactly the same tyrannical BS they do to everyone. It really is 1939 all over again. Freedom of thought is superfluous. Your thinking is “done for you” and they have decided what is good enough for you to read – all under a mask of fairness – but when you apply critical thinking you see the hideous fallacies behind their objectionable crusade.

3 years ago

Stand your ground be strong.