Brazil’s Tyrannical “Fake News” Law Is Meant to be a Test Case for the US & EU


A draft of Brazil’s fake news bill, Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, also known as Marco Civil, was finalized. It is intended to be the beginning of the end of free speech in democratic nations. Globalists describe it as a leading test case for all democracies in the free world.


According to Human Rights Watch, it unnecessarily restricts and penalizes legally protected speech and freedom of association. It serves out five-year prison terms and undermines the privacy of communications.

Human Rights Watch gives examples. For instance, it makes it a crime punishable by five years in prison to create or share content that allegedly poses a serious risk to “social peace or to the economic order.”

The bill requires Internet communication platforms to collect users’ IDs and cell phone numbers.

Platforms would be required to suspend accounts when a phone number is canceled. That makes it harder for the poor to use the Internet.

The bill orders Internet companies to track the chain of forwarded communications of all Brazilians for at least six months. It can be used for political purposes, or to track journalist sources, or to criminally persecute people for sharing messages authorities consider a risk to the social order.

The bill also prohibits “manipulated” content for “ridiculing” political candidates. That would ban memes and satire during elections.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation notes that article 37 of the bill indirectly requires application providers to retain a user’s IP address for six months, violating privacy. It becomes a particular problem with shared IP addresses. Mass data retention also poses security risks.


This is something that affects the entire world of the Internet. It is not solely a Brazilian issue. For instance, the globalist organization Open Democracy says Brazil wants to show the world how to end disinformation.

Glenn Greenwald, an investigative reporterin Brazil describes the nefarious intent as a test case for parts of the United States and the EU.

Brazil’s new government is headed by president Lula de Silva, which the Sentinel would describe as a World Economic Forum devotée. Under de Silva, a felon, Brazil becomes the first in the democratic world to censor and ban “fake news and disinformation” online. It is the first to punish those deemed guilty of authoring and spreading it.

As Greenwald states, these laws exist in the nondemocratic world in oppressive regimes. Examples include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.


The US Department of Homeland security made its first attempt at a Marco Civil type of censorship with the appointment of the governance and disinformation board. It was to be headed up by a disinformation czar. DHS was forced to retreat from its attempt after enormous backlash.

However, as Greenwald writes, secret documents emerged in October describing the agency’s plans to continue to shape online censorship decisions of Big Tech.

Greenwald writes:

“The Brazilian left is almost entirely united with the country’s largest corporate media outlets in supporting this censorship regime (sound familiar?). The leading advocates of this new censorship law include pro-government lawyers, famous pro-Lula YouTube influencers, and even journalists(!).”

“They are now being invited to and feted in “fake news” and “disinformation” conferences in glamorous European capitals sponsored by UN agencies, because the EU is eager to obtain such censorship powers for itself and sees Brazil as the first test case for whether the public will tolerate such an aggressive acquisition of dissent-suppression authorities by the state.”

We see how that works with Ukraine. The US and the EU censored the war from the beginning. If you dissent from the accepted narrative, your writings and your speech become invisible. In many cases, you will be demonized as a Putin supporter.


Greenwald states that even prior to the final passage of this law, one judge with the majority of the Supreme Court were acting as if it was law. They have seized untold power in the government.

Greenwald cites articles in The Associated Press, the New York Times, and the Washington Post criticizing this wild and lawless censorship.

In particular, he points to one New York Times article that describes the judge’s conduct:

“Mr. Moraes has jailed five people without a trial for posts on social media that he said attacked Brazil’s institutions he has also ordered social networks to remove thousands of posts and videos with little room for appeal and this year ten of the courts 11 justices sentenced to congressman to nearly nine years in prison for making what they said were threats against them in a live stream.

“The power grab by the nation’s highest court, legal experts say, has undermined a key democratic institution in Latin America’s biggest country as voters prepare to pick a president on October 2… In many cases, Mr. Moraes has acted unilaterally, emboldened by a new powers the court granted itself in 2019 that allow it to, in effect, act as an investigator, prosecutor and judge all at once in some cases.”

Mr. Greenwald was the first to expose this grave corruption.


Mr. Greenwald writes, “for the globalist order increasingly petrified of Internet freedom – they blame online free speech for everything from Brexit and to Hillary’s defeat to skepticism of health authorities and growing opposition to US support for the proxy war in Ukraine. Brazil has become the perfect test case for seizing state power to censor the Internet in the name of stopping fake news and disinformation. Nothing forced to support for authoritarianism The way fear does, and much of the Brazilian establishment believes they are fighting a new War on Terror.”

Aside from Marco Civil, we have seen other attempts to restrict free speech in newsrooms. Media leftists align with the government when the government isn’t buying media loyalty with tax dollars. The media conglobmerates run by about six tycoons are activists and mouthpieces for the State.

Globalists Control US Media, Education, Entertainment, Government, and you.

Brazil is our future.

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