Breaking…another tremendous peace deal


President Trump is getting us out of wars and establishing peace in the Middle East. He is doing it brilliantly by going around the madmen who won’t accept any peace deal with Israel.


Is­rael and Su­dan agreed to nor­mal­ize ties in a U.S.-bro­kered deal on Fri­day, the White House said, end­ing decades of hos­til­ity as one of Africa’s largest coun­tries joins a broader diplo­matic re­align-ment in the Mid­dle East.

The deal helps Su­dan end its emer­gence from in­ternational iso­la­tion af­ter the U.S. sanc­tioned it in the 1990s for har­bor­ing al Qae­da’s then-leader, Osama bin Laden, and aid­ing ter­ror­ist groups.

I can smell another Nobel Peace Prize nomination coming for President Trump.

The de­vel­op­ment fol­lows an agree­ment be­tween Su­dan and the U.S. in which Wash­ing­ton agreed to re­move Su­dan from a list of coun­tries it con­sid­ers state spon­sors of ter­ror­ism. That des­ig­na­tion has blocked the coun­try from get­ting aid from in­ternational fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tions such as the In­ternational Mon­e­tary Fund to mend its col­laps­ing econ­omy.

This is amazing. The Arab world now knows who the enemy is and it’s not Israel. It’s Iran.



  1. What a great achievement. Sudan can now participate in, receive from, and contribute to, the world economy. Trade is a good thing for everyone. Peace is worth having, too. Kudos to our great President.

  2. Winning, winning, winning. President Trump has more than earned a legitimate Nobel Prize. If the Big O had any honor or humility he would return his illegitimate prize.

  3. I can hardly wait until a deal is successfully brokered with Somalia. Because that will really tick off Ilhan Omar, the US hating communist that represents the peaceful protesters in Minneapolis and who should be deported for her questionable entry into the US, her immigration fraud surrounding her brother so should not be in the US much less in our Congress with the ability to vote on proposed laws for us, the law abiding legal citizens of the United States.

  4. The sound of crickets from enemedia. The megawatt blowtorch AM will probably announce at the half hour mark.
    Where are all the liberals who want all war ended? Shouldn’t they be happy? They were very quiet during the Immaculate Hussein reign with the bombing and droning as well.

  5. Go Trump and once again we have hardly any news of this incredible event.
    China must be furious as it has been trying to take over Africa with all its belts and roads bribery to the poorer African nations.
    God Bless Trump for caring about world peace.
    Off Topic Thanks for not moving to disquis for comments. Too many really good sites have lost their way by letting that site be their go to for comments. So again thanks.

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