Speaker Pelosi freaks out when a reporter asks her about Hunter


Speaker Pelosi freaked out when a reporter asked her about Hunter’s laptop. She refused to answer. How does she and other Democrats get away with not answering? Imagine if Don Jr. was the one with the laptop?

“Madam Speaker, the serious allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden have been raised in recent days,” a reporter began during Pelosi’s news conference, but the journalist was cut off before she could finish her question.

“I’m sorry, I’m not answering your questions, OK,” Pelosi replied, attempting to call on another reporter before waving a hand in the air. “We’re talking about the coronavirus. I don’t have all day for questions — that’s what we’re taking now.”

The laptop is confirmed. It’s real and the media keeps pretending it isn’t. The FBI confirmed that they have Hunter’s laptop and it is tied to a money laundering investigation. It also involves the Democratic candidate for president.


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2 years ago

This laptop evidence is now the primary reason that the sleazebag Democrat Party wants people to vote early…before the truth becomes obvious to the useful idiots.

If they lose by virtue of actual legal votes counted by the morning of Nov 4, you can bet your last dollar on the discovery of a deluge of illegal, late arriving, harvested, mail-in “votes”.

If they win, Kamala Harris will be our inaugurated instead of Joe Biden.

Dee Dee
2 years ago

She’s another Democrat who would rather protect Biden than find the truth about his family’s corruption. Too bad she didn’t have the same response when all the false allegations came out against Trump.

I'd Buy That For A Dollar
I'd Buy That For A Dollar
2 years ago

Just waiting for a Caspar Weinberger meltdown any moment from Nan. Go count your money Cruella West. Wash the feet of your vineyard, restaurant, hotel, workers.
Head over to China town in the glorious people’s republic of San Francisco and enjoy some fine cuisine.
Maybe set up a hair salon appointment if there are any left open for business.

Jerry Stephenson
Jerry Stephenson
2 years ago

Gotta’ say, Pelosi’s response to the question about Hunter’s laptop is evidence par excellence that she does not care one whit about truth, justice, the safety and welfare of the American people, or this country as a whole. Her outrageous display of obfuscation begs the question, “What is she good for?” The answer comes easily; “Absolutely nothing.” She must be removed from her office as Speaker of the House. It’s the right thing to do.