Breaking…Biden to let 10,000 plus deportees return to the US


Biden will allow at least 10,000 deported asylum seekers to RETURN. Most of them are from Texas. Their applications were rejected because they are not legitimate asylum seekers.

Just so you know, people who get asylum quickly obtain citizenship and the right to vote.

Migrants, aka illegal aliens, whose claims were dismissed under Trump will be allowed back in from Mexico to restart their court hearings.

The BidenBama administration is trying to break the asylum laws.

Homeland Security will give thousands of asylum seekers another chance, after the many chances they were given.

Those under the ‘Remain in Mexico’ can return to the US. They had previously been deported under Trump for missing court hearings.

Biden halted the policy his first day in office and soon allowed an estimated 26,000 asylum-seekers with active cases to return to the United States while their cases play out, a process that can take years in a court system backlogged with more than 1.3 million cases.

More than 12,300 people with active cases have been admitted to the U.S. since February, while others who have registered but not yet entered the country bring the count to about 17,000.

That still leaves out tens of thousands of asylum-seekers whose claims were denied or dismissed under the policy, known officially as ‘Migrant Protection Protocols.’

Nearly 7,000 asylum-seekers had their cases dismissed in San Diego.  Another 32,000 had their applications denied, mostly in Texas.

Many have already left the main border region thinking their cases were over.

Ten thousand to 32,000 new Americans in Texas alone could make a big difference in the vote and could help turn the state blue.

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2 years ago

Let’s move in 6-8 billion people?
As long as the CPUSA can have their Wakandastan utopia, yes we can!

2 years ago

This is Biden Breaking OUR Laws to add to the Corrupt Democrat Voting Tallies-by using “Illegal Aliens to REPLACE all the black voters they have lost, due to decades of “Taking THEM FOR GRANTED-TILL VOTES ARE NEEDED!

2 years ago

Biden is the one who belongs in an asylum….He with Obama, is ‘loading up the Voter Boxes with these ‘quick-illegals-Voting-in-return-for-Biden’s-Selling-OUT-AMERICA-and-Our-Laws(that Corrupt Democrats break on a regular basis!