Loudoun County School meeting erupts in fiery speeches, 2 arrests


In Loudoun County, Virginia, the board silenced parents by ending public comment that was meant to last for hours. How does a school board have the gall to force leftist instruction and policies on teachers and children and then not listen to their complaints?

Two arrests were made of people who didn’t leave the meeting immediately. Police had declared it an unlawful assembly to make the arrests.

Virginia’s Loudoun County School District Board cut off public comment during a fiery meeting Tuesday. Residents were infuriated over new transgender policy proposals.

This follows weeks of protests from district parents opposed to left-wing indoctrination and parental rights violations.

The policies allegedly affect transgender student rights, privacy, and restroom accommodations and would require Loudoun County Public Schools employees to use students’ preferred names or pronouns.

An official school board vote on the proposal is not expected until at least Aug. 10.

But it has become a hot-button issue in the district, where 259 residents signed up to speak during the public comment session Tuesday and people lining up at the doors early to get seats in the packed auditorium.

Reuters reporter Gabriella Borter, and John Cooper of Heritage Communications shared multiple videos as the meeting progressed, which ends with two parents being arrested.

“Inside the Loudoun County, VA school board meeting. More than 200 people signed up to make public comment. Agenda includes discussion of transgender affirming policy for students. Critical race theory not an official action item but is the priority for many here,” Borter tweeted.

“Update: former VA state senator Dick Black spoke out against critical race theory in the board meeting and crowd couldn’t stay silent. The Loudoun Co school board said if there were eruptions like this they’d end public comment.”

Iowa School System

Leaked documents from the Iowa School System show teachers are forced to classify ‘Make America Great Again” as a type of “racism” and “white supremacy.”

This is done through mandatory Critical Race Theory training forced on teachers at taxpayer expense.

Pennsbury PA


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