Breaking…Every NYPD Member Must Show Tomorrow In Case of Unrest


Allegedly, every member of the NYPD must show up for work tomorrow. They’re expecting unrest. An internal NYPD memo obtained by PIX11 News stated that officers of all ranks should perform their duties in uniform and be prepared for mobilization beginning Friday morning.

This is for show in the Banana Republic of New York.

NYC PD in riot gear

Democrats are probably hoping to create another anti-Republican narrative. The only people who will riot in New York are Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

This is all too bizarre. The far-left and illegal aliens dominate New York City. The grand jury doesn’t meet tomorrow. So, are they going to perp-walk Donald Trump tomorrow?

This is great for Donald Trump’s campaign. Word has it that Georgia will also indict. Democrats look like Soviets.

There were some fake bomb threats, but riots by conservatives – fuggedaboutit.

Just last year, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats settled a campaign finance violation quietly for $113,000, but that was justice for Democrats. Trump goes to a department of justice for Republicans. That’s very different.

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