Breaking…FB suspends Trump accounts for 2 years, will target politicians


Facebook announced it is suspending Donald Trump’s accounts for two years, claiming he stoked the violence at the Capitol on January 6th. We all know that it will take no time for them to suspend him again if he does get to return to the CCP-tied platform.

This is not a guarantee they will take him back, just that they will asses in two years. Does anyone believe they will let him come back before the 2024 election? Their goal is to silence him, his agenda, and his followers.

“At the end of this period, we will look to experts to assess whether the risk to public safety has receded. We will evaluate external factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on peaceful assembly, and other markers of civil unrest,” Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, wrote in a blog post-Friday.

Facebook also plans to end the policy of automatically exempting politicians from certain moderation rules on its site.

Will only Republicans be moderated?

The social media giant authoritarian said on Friday that while it will still apply this “newsworthiness” exemption to certain posts it deems to be in the public interest even if they violate Facebook rules, it will no longer treat material posted by politicians any differently from what’s posted by anyone else.

The change in policy was first reported Thursday by the tech site The Verge and later confirmed by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Facebook has had a general “newsworthiness exemption” since 2016.

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2 years ago

Who the hell is advising Trump. Why is he allowing his “brand” to be tarnished as such. The latest statement from Facebook is defamatory on its face. Considering the “claims” these Tech companies are spewing there should be lawsuits flying out. I’m convinced certain Republicans, such as McConnell types, are advising the President he has “some” guilt in the matter. It sure seems a great many, if not most, Do believe he has culpability.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  Greg

The man IS guilty of the TRUTH. The entire LYING Main sewer Stream fake Media attempted to brand him the same as they…for five years…the gullible “idiocracy”, their audience, fell for it. Now they have a REAL liar in chief whom they defend with even more egregious LIES!!!

2 years ago

Facebook is out of control and appears to be under the influence of foreign powers. No Paper, News Broadcast, Magazine, or Social Media site should be allowed to block political content. That would be a campaign donation in kind to an opposing Candidate. Personally, I don’t think a business of any kind should be allowed to endorse a candidate; only individuals should endorse candidates so the public knows exactly who is backing a Candidate. PACs should only deal with issues and it should be illegal if they in anyway endorse a Party or Candidate.

Winston Smith
Winston Smith
2 years ago

What is supposed to be left in 2024?
The comrades know that they can’t win with ideas so they are changing the rules and importing new voters.
The CPUSA plays for all the marbles and not a good review or invite to a chamber of commerce shindig.
Sorry, but it is Globetrotters vs. 1990’s Bulls with the GOP jobber wing of the Uniparty.