Breaking…FEC Allows Foreigners to Finance US Ballot Referendums, Recalls, Redistricting, et al


Non-citizens are now allowed to finance US ballot initiatives, referendums, and recalls. None of these foreigners will have our best interests at heart. They can also finance congressional redistricting. Currently, the Left is suing Red state over redistricting and the AG is suing Texas for the same reason. They never sue Democrats who redistrict.

This is the Democrat party for you.

The Federal Elections Commission decided these ballot initiatives are not part of the election and do not amount to election interference.

Not election interference???

It’s obviously an invitation to foreigners to interfere in our elections. A wealthy Russian, Chinese person, Iranian could finance any of these issues and it will definitely influence elections. Democrats obviously see it as working in their favor.

Axios reported this possibility in early November.

It allows foreign spending on fights over high-profile policy issues, Axios has learned.

Foreign nationals are barred from donating to U.S. political candidates or committees. But the FEC’s decision — allowing them to support ballot committees — provides another avenue for foreigners to directly influence U.S. voters and domestic policy.

“This FEC decision reflects a big loophole in the federal ban on foreign money in U.S. elections,” said Brendan Fischer, the director of federal and FEC reforms at the Campaign Legal Center.

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