Breaking…Mississippi Enacts a Law Banning Punishing the Unvaxxed


Mississippi has enacted a new law that forbids state and local government agencies from withholding services or refusing jobs to the unvaccinated. The law also specifies that the COVID vaccine cannot be required, Dr. Simone Gold reports.

It’s amazing that a law like this has to be passed at all, but good for Mississippi.

And why is Dr. Fauci allowed to push lockdown mandates to force vaccinations on people? He gets NO criticism from the press.

A scared boy about to receive an injection on his arm

My doctor told me the vaccine is safe so, personally, I’ll go with that for now. However, there is no urgent need to give it to healthy children so why do it? We don’t have long term studies. There is also evidence that some children, especially boys, are subject to myocardial infractions and other side effects.

Dr. Peterson Pierre appears on video at Frontline Doctors short videos website. The video is called “No Good Reason to Jab Kids.” He gives six reasons not to jab your kids:

  1. The Vaccines are Experimental—not FDA approved.
  2. Vaccines are not safe—over 1 million adverse events have been recorded, and over 40,000 deaths…
  3. They are not effective—they don’t stop Covid and they don’t stop transmission…
  4. Vaccines are not necessary—natural immunity is far safer and more effective…
  5. Omicron is mild…
  6. Kids under 18 are 51 times more likely to die from the shot than they are to die from Covid if not vaccinated.

We’re not doctors here and you have to research yourselves. However, you need to hear from doctors who don’t just echo the company line.

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