Sweden’s Far-left PM- Mass Immigration Failed, Someone Tell Biden


Sweden today, 1/5th of their population lives in a parallel society, fueling gang crime and riots.

The far-left Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson realizes that open borders was a mistake. It has resulted in parallel societies, fueling gang riots and crime. At the same time, our administration is keeping US borders open.

Sweden has failed to integrate the vast numbers of immigrants it has taken in over the past two decades, leading to parallel societies and gang violence, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Thursday, as she launched a series of initiatives to combat organized crime, Reuters reports.

Who could have guessed?

“Segregation has been allowed to go so far that we have parallel societies in Sweden. We live in the same country but in completely different realities,” Andersson told a news conference.

The number of people in Sweden born abroad has doubled in the last two decades to 2 million, or a fifth of the population. Thank Sweden’s Social Democrats.

“Integration has been too poor at the same time as we have had a large immigration. Society has been too weak, resources for the police and social services have been too weak,” she said.

They have now tightened their immigration policies . That’s like closing the barn door after the cows have taken off.


Mass immigration without assimilation is more than ignorance. It’s ideology run amok. There has to be a lot of cowardice and virtue signaling involved in the decision to welcome this.

Will the Biden Administration take its cue from Sweden? Biden himself is barely cognizant and we don’t know who is behind the curtain pulling his strings. What we do know is that whoever it is has no intention of stopping the massive flow into the US. They want votes and they have a misguided ideology that won’t allow them to back pedal. There are so many illegals in the country now that it would take years to deport them. They will almost all vote Democrat.


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