Breaking…NY AG Prepares to Seize Trump Properties Monday


Newsmax reported that New York’s attorney general has moved to enact a judgment to seize Donald Trump’s golf course and estate in Westchester on Monday. She will possibly seize 40 Wall Street as well. She can seize anything he owns. The deadline for Mr. Trump to pay a half-billion-dollar bond in cash is up on Monday. He must pay for the so-called honor of appealing a corrupt case. Additionally, there is a huge fine daily.

She can seize his bank accounts mid-election.

If James sells the properties, he would never get them back. He’d be the only victim. James might not be able to sell because there are mortgages involved.

New Yorkers live in a corrupt communist state where the Constitution has no value. James wants to bankrupt Donald Trump mid-election.

The governor assures all business people that this won’t happen to them but forgets to add it won’t as long as they toe the line.

James is saber-rattling.

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