Fiery GOP Response to the Funding Bill!


The new $1.2 trillion spending bill, HR 2882, is leading some people to call for vacating the Speakership. Can the House really afford that again? The loudest plea is for Americans to call Congress to tell them to stop this bill.

The bill includes a robbery of your bank account while we face unsustainable debt. Chip Roy said the House had under 24 hours to read the 1,000-plus-page bill and pass it. It was dropped in the wee hours of the morning.

It busts the caps and funds the World Health Organization, the FBI headquarters, and new abortion facilities in the Northeast. It provides nothing for the border. The bill allows mass release and parole of illegal aliens and allows Remain in Texas. Biden’s college loan bailouts are to continue, and it funds transgender clothing for children.

Chip Roy said our only hope is to call congressmen today and tell them not to vote for this monstrosity.

Chip Roy explains in the clip that Mike Johnson could have continued the CR or passed a new CR, kicking it to May:

The bill funds anti-gun studies which will manipulate the numbers to use against legal gun owners.

Pushing transgenderism for children.

This continues unabated.

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